QRun for Windows


QRun is an extended version of "Run Dialog Box" for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The main purpose of QRun is to provide more convenient user-interface and user-experience to end-users.

The key feature of QRun is its menu driven command and resource selector. This menu driven interface help end user to perform actions by without memorizing commands and/or parameters. Another feature of QRun is its macro commands. Using this feature end user can create custom actions for run dialog box.

Other than above features QRun also had inbuilt support for win-bash. Because of this feature end user may be able to run GNU bash related commands directly from the run dialog box.

Once installed in a system, user can open QRun by navigating over start menu/screen OR by pressing Shift + WinKey + R key combinations.

QRun is an open source free software project and it is distributed under the terms of MIT license. QRun icon is not our design and we got it from http://pc.de/ico.

Latest version of QRun is available to download at https://sourceforge.net/projects/q-run.

Current version of QRun is support with Windows Vista and newer versions of Windows only. (Special thanks goes to Daniel Childs to reporting this limitation to us.)

Building QRun from source

QRun is developed using lazarus and FPC (Free Pascal Compiler). QRun use several Windows API functions in its source code, because of that it is not possible to build QRun other than using Windows operating system.

Before compile QRun, make sure to install UniqueInstance component in lazarus. Installation and download instructions are available at http://wiki.freepascal.org/UniqueInstance.

QRun package consist with 2 executable files. qrun.exe is the main application executable which provide GUI and all the core functions related to QRun. qrunloader.exe is non-GUI application, which is used to register system wide shortcut key combination for QRun dialog box.

Configuring QRun for win-bash manually

To configure the QRun for win-bash, open "gnuutils.setting" file and enter the win-bash directory to that file. (e.g: C:\shell.w32-ix86)

Define custom QRun commands

End user can define any number of QRun custom commands (custom commands are also referred as macros). To register custom command, custom command file is need to be in QRun home directory (e.g: C:\qrun) with .macro file extension. Recommended format of the custom command file is listed in below:
name=[name of the custom command]
application=[path and filename of the application executable]
parameters=[additional parameters for application]
Note: Do not use whitespaces with macro name. (e.g: "my test app" is invalid macro name)

QRun shortcut keys

To launch the QRun use Shift + WinKey + R. If this key combination is not responding, please execute qrunloader.exe file.

Within QRun following shortcut keys are valid:
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